What are Some of the Best Kitchen Knife Brands?

What are Some of the Best Kitchen Knife Brands

Are you tired of having to hone your chef’s knife 0ver and over again because the steel it’s made from is as soft as butter? If you’ve been looking into upgrading your kitchenware to something more durable, the first thing you’ll want to do is get to know who’s who in the knife-making world.

World-Class Kitchen Knife Brands

There are many well-established companies that create lines of razor-sharp and beautiful kitchen knives. Here is just a glimpse at some of the companies that have strong reputations as manufacturers of world-class kitchen knives:

J. A. Henckels

J.A. Henckels, along with Wüsthof, is one of the two premiere knife making companies in Germany and is widely respected throughout the world. It was founded in the 18th century and has been producing high quality kitchenware ever since.

It is based in the German city of Solingen where its top lines, like the Professional S and TWIN, are manufactured. It has expanded its activity to Japan and Spain as well.


Located in the same city as its direct competitor J. A. Henckels, Wüsthof is a 200 year-old company that specializes in making kitchen utensils and pocket knives. They produce world-renowned German and Japanese style knives. The Grand Prix and Classic Ikon are their most recognizable lines and the manufacturing process used to make them involves more than forty separate steps.


Global can’t boast a history as long as Henckels and Wüstof, but it makes up for this with innovation and legendary knife sets that set the standard for excellence. They made their first splash back in the ’60s by introducing the world to a molybdenum-vanadium steel that has excellent rust resistance and edge retention and later became known simply as Japanese steel.

They then established themselves as a premier knife maker by releasing their first series of Global knives. They have been delighting people the world over with their dimpled handles and peerless steel ever since.


Though they’re a smaller producer than Henckels and Wüstof, Messermeister also provides exceptional quality knives. Chefs can’t seem to get enough of the Meridian Elite knife, and other Messermeister products aren’t far behind.

Their knives are well-respected for their durability, timeless aesthetic, and for being more than sharp straight out of the box. Messermeister truly is the master among knives.


Shun, like Global, is based Japan. They pride themselves on incorporating elements used in creating Japanese swords of old into the modern and very attractive knives they produce.

The Damascus steel and tsuchime finish of most of their knives make them an artful addition to the kitchen. Each knife is handmade and requires more than a hundred steps to complete. This is true dedication which customers from the entire world appreciate.

Mac Knives

Even though they’re also from Japan, the philosophy in making Mac knives starkly contrasts to Shun’s. At Mac the emphasis is placed on modern manufacturing processes and machining the knives to an excellent state.

Mac knives are unusual in that they’re a combination of lighter, harder Japanese steel and Western knife design. The result are knives that take advantage of both worlds’ strengths. They are the go-to choice for many a kitchen professional and celebrity chef.

Robert Welch

Named after its founder, Robert Welch is a British manufacturer that shows how a business can grow from one man with a passion for knife-making to an established brand that caters to high-end businesses and the average consumer alike.

You’ll find their knives in ordinary kitchens as well as on display at some of the world’s most famous art museums. Function designed to perfection is what Robert Welch is all about.


You’ve probably heard about Victorinox by way of their now legendary Swiss army knife, but the company produces many more products, including excellent kitchen knives. The Fibrox Pro has been at or near the top of any best knife list since its creation in the 80s, and Victorinox has only improved upon its design and added other indispensable knives to its line over the years.

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